How to make six figures off of your blog

What if I told you that you could work at home, full-time, or part-time, and make $100,000 a year or more. What if all you had to do was get up in the morning, pace lazily to your desk, plop down in your comfortable office chair, skip the bathroom all the together, work for about an hour and than spend the rest of the day however you wished to.

You may get an urge to check the balance of your paypal account, or bank account, just to count your money, but that’s about it. This is possible for anyone who owns a blog. Having a blog that makes you a full-time income each year, especially if it’s in the six-figure range will offer the ultimate profit of time.

You invest your time into setting up your blog, and than your profit by having all the free-time in the world. You can take breaks whenever you want, take as many sick days as you want, and take as many vacations as your work.

You can work while your on vacation. It’s the dream of every commercial blogger to make enough to live the Dot-com lifestyle. Unfortunately  many fail. It’s not that it’s impossible for them to make that much.

Like was said earlier, anybody can make six figures off of the internet, but you won’t be able to make that much unless you know how to. You cannot communicate effectively unless you learn how to read and write, much like you cannot be financially successful with your blog unless you know how to think and act.

Bloggers who make six figures consistently blog in different niches, but they’ve a similar mindset, and they take similar actions to monetize their blog. People may speak different languages, but they all learn how to communicate through written word and vocal speech.

It doesn’t matter what you blog about, because the end result will be the same if you know how to make six figures. You’ve no need to worry about changing your personal preferences. These are some ways in which you can become one of the few bloggers who make six-figure a year:

1-They love blogging

It is impossible to put enough work into your blog to make good money, if you do not have passion. Passion is the fuel that propels you forward. The more passion you have, the more fuel you have.

Sure, there may be times when you don’t feel like working on your blog, but you should never get to the point where you stop blogging altogether. If you stop blogging altogether than they means you were not truly passionate.

Not everyone is passionate about blogging, and if you are someone who fits that category that is fine. You can develop a passion for blogging by being consistent. You’ve to write so much quality content that you can’t go a day without writing.

Think about a personal diary. People who write a personal diary do not make money at all. They don’t do it to make profit or to receive a perceived reward. They do it because they enjoy doing it. Feeling is a very good motivator.

If you truly love writing, than you will write even if you don’t ever see a paycheck. What if you’ve a passion for online business? Than that is much more power to you. If you love making money on the internet, than you are virtually unstoppable.

It is nearly a guarantee that you will be successful. Ideally, you should be passionate about online business, since if you’ve to make six figure off of your blog than you need a business mentality. If all you care about is writing, than you will never make enough money online to live off of, no matter how consistent and dedicated you are to writing content.

2-The put in effort

Smarts, talent, natural ability are all vain unless you have one key ingredient. You must have effort. Effort is the last piece of the puzzle, without it, the puzzle will never be complete, and you will never be able to achieve six figures from your blog.

Effort is not mindless work that does not benefit you and move you in the direction of your goals, but is planned intelligent work that causes you to meet the expectations you set for yourself. If you’ve to make six figures a year off of your blog, it would not make sense to focus on your site’s layout, and ignore everything else.

You can spend 10 hours a day in photoshop trying to make the perfect layout, but never see any indication that you are making progress. That would be mindless work, or ineffective effort.

Let’s say you post on a consistent schedule, and create 5 new backlinks to your website a day. You would be making intelligent effort. You would be getting closer to making $100,000 or more a year.

People who make six figures a year blogging are always looking for ways to improve their business, through intelligent effort. If you take this approach, than you will always see growth.

3-They don’t do everything themselves

If you were to speak to every successful blogger on the internet, they would tell you that they outsource some of the workload. If you are a macho blogger like myself, haha, than you will not want other people to do work for you.

You want all the credit. Everything has to be done by you, and nobody else. You are the king of your site, and you call all the shots. If your blog is still small, than you can very well do everything yourself. This is even beneficial if you have a very tight budget and cannot afford to hire other people to do work for you.

However, if you have a decent sized budget, than you should outsource things like site design, writing, and SEO to other people. This will allow you put more time into things like marketing and branding.

Remember, the goal of making six figures off of your blog should include freedom of time. You won’t have time if you want handle every aspect of your site by yourself. It would be like you are working a 9-5 job, and who wants to do that?!

A parent can teach a toddler everything while they are still young, but what happens when they get older? They outsource the work of teaching their children to teachers, and other adults.

It would be impossible for a parent to teach a child and make a living at the same time. You are a parent, and your blog is your child. When your blog grows, you will have to send it under the care of other adults, or freelance workers who will take care of it for you.

4-They spend money on their blogs

If you were to open your own brick and mortar business than you would have to pay the cost of start-up. There is some sort of investment made in any business venture, online or offline. You may be able to start your own business with no money on the internet, but you better be ready to work your butt off for hours on end to give it momentum.

People who make six figures a year off of their blog are willing to invest money into growing it. A parent invests in the cost of food and clothing for their offspring to support growth. A successful blogger does the same exact thing.

They invest money into their blog, into to support growth and maximize their net profit. They don’t spend their money on useless things like stupid gadgets and beer. They think of each dollar as a way to make them even more money in the long run.

5-They have a group of followers

What good is a blog if nobody likes it. Put all the ads you want, all the call to actions to subscribe to your mailing list, and write all the great content. You are nothing without other human beings. Traffic is the bread and butter to any website.

You have your own virtual store, and you want people to visit it. You need to do your utmost to attract long-term repeat visitors to your website. A visitor who visits once, and never visits again increases your bounce rate, which is the percentage of your traffic that never comes back.

This is not good, as you will not be able to build a vibrant community. A great way to build a supportive community around your site is to engage people who reach out to you through social media. You should make a mark on every fortune 500 social media platform. In this way you increase your visibility to others, and seem like a genuine person.

6-They know how to sell

Sorry, there is selling involved in making six figures off of your blog. You’d better get on learning it now if you haven’t already, because it is a skill you will need for as long as you chose to run your online business.

A large sum of your profits will come from commissions you make as an affiliate and as a vendor. You can make a good income from selling ad space and CPC, but it won’t be your maximal potential. You’ve to continuously try new products, and sell them to your audience.

You also should make your own products, and sell them for 100% commissions. It may be hard at first, especially if you are shy and are not a natural extrovert, but it will get easier overtime, and it is nowhere near as hard as cold-calling.

You can call it warm-calling, since the people you are selling to will have some measure of trust of you. They will not be suspicious, especially if you provide quality content on a daily basis!

7-They know how to transfer ideas effectively

You cannot run a profitable blog unless you know how to communicate ideas in a way that is appealing to your readers. You need not be a brilliant English major with a P.H.D, but you’ve to use persuasion, and illustrations to get your point across in a friendly and enjoyable way.

You’ve to be a good teacher. Teachers know what to say and do to impart knowledge into the minds of their pupils. Just because you know what you are saying doesn’t mean your audience does. You need to be like a translator, and translate the vast flow of ideas in your mind into easy to understand words.

An ineffective translator can transmute text and ideas, but in a way which is hard for a person to understand. An effective translator transmutes text and ideas in a way that is easy to process.

You’ve to stimulate multiple sense when communicating on your blog. Get your reader’s emotions involved, their sight involved, and every other sense. The more, the merrier. It becomes easier for your readers to visualize when you do this.

This is how you can go from making $0 from your blog to making $100,000+. It will not happen overnight, but it will happen eventually. You just need to put out your best effort and wait. Things will gradually begin to improve for you.

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  1. Juan says:

    i don’t know, it hard for me to do so


  2. admin says:

    Juan, you can do it.


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